Summer is a great time to play outside but watch out for these common dangers:



Dogs are attracted to the sweet taste of coolant. Be alert for drips from cars and consider switching to an animal-friendly coolant.



Your neighbor might not like the bugs around his patio, but those same insecticides could be dangerous to your dog. Stay away from areas that have been recently sprayed.



Some fertilizers can cause vomiting and diarrhea, while others are downright lethal. Keep your dog away from freshly fertilized soil and make sure you know exactly what you're using in your own garden!



They make lawns look great, but they can hurt your dog. Consider skipping these products on your own lawn, and avoid letting your dog play on lawns where the treatment hasn't dried.



Deworming your puppy could save his life. Dogs can ingest the worms from contaminated soil, or even absorb the worms through their skin. Remove feces promptly and never let your dog play with another animal's droppings.


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