Prevent and treat pre-existing skin diseases that cause shedding. Cut off excess hair. Brush consistently to remove loose hairs. Bathing your bet often can lead to healthier hair and less shedding.



Using a lint roller is a great way to get small batches of hair in a pinch. Washing your clothes with white vinegar loosens hair and makes it more likely to come off in the wash. Drying your clothes with a dryer sheet gets rid of pet hair and static cling.



Using a lint roller or hand-held vacuum make spot cleaning a breeze.  Run a damp rubber glove or sponge over furniture to easily remove embedded fur.



Run a microfiber cloth along the surface of your wooden furniture to use static electricity to remove fur.



Use a lint roller or hand-held vacuum to remove hair. Run a pumice stone carefully along your car's interior to pick up fur for a permanent solution.



Use a microfiber mop to easily capture hair on non-carpeted floors. If hairs get caught in the cracks of your hardwood apply a fresh coat of sealant to make future cleaning easier.



Rubber brooms require work but they can get out fur that's nestled in your carpet. Robot vacuums make cleaning up pet hair incredibly easy and do it without you even thinking about it. Sprinkle baking soda over your carpet before you vacuum loosens hair and deodorizes as a bonus.


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